Exploring Kefalonia, Greece

We had a wonderful Greek holiday,  exploring the island of Kefalonia was a delight.  It was great meeting Becky and her friend Dave, yes two Dave’s – this became quite funny as they often had a ‘Dave-off‘, lol; I really enjoyed their company. 

The 1st photograph was taken on a private beach the day after the wedding. The bride and groom treated all their wedding guests to a boat trip and beach BBQ on a distant island,  you can see our boat in the background. I have to admit, this was a magical way to cure any lingering hangovers from the previous nights wedding celebrations and it certainly cemented friendships – new and old, this is me with Becky.

The following day we hired a car and Dave us took us on a road trip around the island, joined by our new friends Becky and Dave. The day began with a spot of beach sun bathing, we cooled off by  swimming in the clear, crystal sea.  Pausing to dry in the heat of the sunshine, we were told to watch out for turtle eggs nestling in the sand waiting to hatch.  We waited patiently, but left disappointed as no baby turtles hatched for us.

We continued with our pilgrimage and drove on up to the highest mountain on the island, winding our way past more goats than I have ever seen! We stumbled upon this delightful outdoor taverna and ate the biggest salads ever! Our lunch was served in the flower gardens, where we sat gazing out over the islands stunning views -breathtaking.  After filling up, we headed off to take snaps of this derelict church, where of course,  the four us went exploring, it was such a cool escape from the midday heat. 

Back to our road trip, we meandered down the mountain to the aptly named Turtle Bay, lots to see  and do, like taking in paddle boating,  people watching the and strolling across  the harbour bridge,  perfect for turtle spotting. 


We enjoyed a drink and I devoured a yummy chocolate and banana crepe before taking a snoop  around the shops, a perfect end to an idyllic day. 

 We had so much fun exploring the island. On my next holiday I plan to do even more exploring, it truly is the best part of visiting somewhere new and discovering hidden gems! 

kefalonia_033kefalonia_008kefalonia_037kefalonia_036I have a couple more posts for you from our Greek holiday and then it’s goodbye summer and on to some autumnal outfits!

Photos – Shooting Dave

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