Getting cosy with a good book


This post lands at just the right time, for starters i’m still poorly (boo!) – spending my time sleeping, reading, sleeping, watching Netflix, oh and more sleeping. If only I currently looked as pulled together as I did when we took these snaps!

There another good reason for this post going live now, that’s because the nights are drawing in, there is a slight chill in the air and golden colour e d. leaves are starting to drop – to me this is the perfect time to get cosy on the sofa and read a good book.

At the moment I have two excellent books on the go, their genre couldn’t be further apart!


Dior or Die by Angela M. Sanders

Now I love a crime drama or a murder mystery, combination of both featuring a vintage clothing store, well this book is right up my street! Dior or Die is the second book in a series, set in Portland, Oregon, where vintage clothing store owner Joanna Hayworth finds herself in yet another tight spot. I loved book one ‘The Lanvin Murders’ and I can’t wait to read books three and four!

Getting back to Dior or Die, Joanna (the main character and much loved by me) has plans to upgrade her store, but her hopes. Have been derailed and costs are mounting. When she wins an auction lot consisting of three trunks packed with vintage haute couture, Joanna thinks her luck has changed; but little did she know it was about to get much worse! It soon transpires that the high-society owner of the trunks is found dead – poisoned, and police seize the auction lot, leaving Joanna with even more debt.

What follows is the false conviction of her friend, wrongly jailed for being a diamond thief, oh, and a convent of quirky nuns dependant on her help. There’s only one way to navigate these stormy waters; Joanna must find the murderer…..and fast. This book is full to the brim with thrilling plots and plenty of action. The authors beautiful description of vintage clothing stirs me to drop everything and go vintage shopping, without the murder and diamond heist of course. If I had th e en ergo to drop anything, except my sleepy body on my bed right now.

Dior or Die by Angela M. Sanders


Happily by Sophie Tanner

How far will you go for your ‘Happily Ever After’? Chloe Usher’s had enough of being asked why she’s ‘still single’. People can’t seem to understand why she’s not freaking out on the slippery slope to spinsterhood. But, as far as Chloe’s concerned, life is sweet; she’s happy and she loves her job, has great friends and adores her flat-share right next to Brighton beach. The story starts one summer evening, after ‘helpfully’ being advised by an all knowing busybody that she will never know what love is until she has children, Chloe decides to make a stand and says ‘actually, I do!’ announcing to her friends that she’s going to marry herself.

She’s not quite prepared for the huge reaction to her news on social media and finds herself thrust firmly into the public eye; suddenly she’s a spokesperson for every crazy cat lady out there. With the warm support of her colourful extended family, Chloe attempts to justify her self wedding and the events that unfold take her on a bumpy journey of self-discovery – making exciting new connections and dealing with old ghosts from her past.

This book is all about self love, its original and a light-hearted subversive tale, challenging the notion of ‘settling down’. I think it’s well worth a read, it perfectly sums up how society pressurises women to believe makes the aged old notion of you’re not happy unless married and having kids – this book is a compelling read and will inject a you with a healthy dose of self-love! Enjoy.

Happily by Sophie Tanner

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