Lunch with Chez Francoise

IMG_8443Chez Francoise
Terminal des Invalides
75007 Paris

IMG_8444 IMG_8446
   Lois and I have such fun time at this restaurant and I could not get over how accommodating the staff were regarding my wheat allergy. I was offered a menu with all the gluten-free options. It’s so nice and reassuring, especially when you are abroad. So we sat down and had a good chat as we looked over the choices on the menu.  Sipping on a glass of white wine in Paris felt sophisticated, we nibbled on small appetisers of salmon and waited expectantly for our main course.  

I chose the chicken, it was succulent and moist and so flavoursome, accompanied by ratatouille which is one of my all time favourites. After a tussle to choose, Lois ordered the steak grilled medium rare with smoked paprika roasted potatoes and a garnish of salad. A basket of bread arrived, placed in between us, with the waiter saying “not for you”. He meant it contains gluten and wheat, this soon became a running joke as most times I ordered anything for the rest of the weekend “not for you” became a recurring statement as wheat is hidden in so many inconspicuous food items, it’s tricky avoiding wheat back home in the UK, let alone making requests in another language (that I don’t speak.).

Imagine my surprise when shortly after he brought out bread which was especially for me. The chef had baked a loaf of bread suitable for me to eat. Eating fresh warm bread was lovely after feeling deprived of not eating those delicious croissant’s provided at breakfast. I was so in need of a bread binge, yummy! After devouring our main courses and bread baskets, we topped up our glasses, I sipped on wine and Lois had a coke.

It was dessert time, many of the options usually contain gluten, so I selected fresh raspberries with some delicious home-made ice cream. Lois enjoyed a white chocolate cheesecake made with soya cheese and a strawberry coulis decoratively drizzled over the plate. We practically rolled out of the restaurant, we had filled lour boots with so much yummy food, wine and fizzy Coca-cola. 


It was one of those places that makes me smile as I reflect back. Laura the hostess was engaging, a warm and friendly person and her English was excellent. I appreciated her welcoming manner, she did the Restaraunt proud and made us feel comfortable and relaxed. We pretty much grazed our way around Paris and out of all the places we visited, Chez Francoise was the most accommodating restaurant, their chef and staff truly went above and beyond my expectations, even creating fresh wheat free bread and fresh gluten free ice cream. I highly recommend this restaurant, especially if you have any food allergies. It’s well worth checking out – they will also accommodate for people shellfish allergies along with plenty of others! So special.


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One thought on “Lunch with Chez Francoise

  1. What a great find Chez Francoise was, did you see it in the Marco Polo Paris guide? I’m definitely checking it out when I go to Paris. Being GF, it’s so important finding decent places to eat. The food looks amazing. I’m loving your Paris blogs.

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