Finding our way with Marco Polo in Paris

paris_031paris_113Getting from A – Z with Marco Polo

When planning our Parisian adventure, Lois and I found this Marco Polo guide book, which is perfect for city breaks. Look, it’s just the right size for travelling with and proved super handy for our trip. It is the perfect travellers companion, ideal for sightseeing, with plenty of suggestions for what to do so you don’t miss out on essential must see places.

Even though Lois and I are frequent flyers to Paris, this was such a great resource to pop in my bag and easy to flick through as you walk along. It features the essential iconic favourites every visitor wants to see and how to find them, and also some new places to check out that were not on my radar. Top of my list was a spot of culture, some art, architecture and the many amazing fountains; all truly breathtaking. Although, surely no one can ever tire of happening upon the Eiffel Tower, especially after dusk, as it shows off, twinkling bright like a cascade of shooting stars against the night sky,

I think this travel guide is well laid out, comprehensive and compact at the same time, plus there’s an excellent map inside the rear cover; so no worries about getting lost or where the nearest metro station can be found. We relied on the map on more than one occasion, let me tell you, especially when we were out of mobile phone range or couldn’t connect to 4G …. darn those roaming charges!! But lack of signal is no problem with a Marco Polo guide in my handbag. I must say the map was easy to follow, so we didn’t miss a thing.

This city guide is brimming full of recommendations that are spot on and up to the minute, whether you are interested in culture or the arts, sightseeing or splendid fountains and monuments; it lists the lot – plus so many delicious places to eat. For us fashion addicts, most importantly it tells you where to find the best places to go shopping! We took full advantage of all the book had to offer and soaked up culture, architecture, followed suggested routes and sampled some of the hottest foodie spots in Paris.(you’ will see more on this, coming soon!)

When it comes to exploring new fashion haunts, we were both very excited, what do you expect from the city that prides itself on fashion? Serious temptation overload. We bagged some wonderful Paris purchases, as mentioned in my last post and I promise to show you them real soon.

Why not have a peak at our videos and enjoy the trip with us, it will give you a richer feel of our adventures in Bonne Paris.



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3 thoughts on “Finding our way with Marco Polo in Paris

  1. Seems like you ladies had an amazing trip, I plan on visiting Paris October, 2017 will be reaching out to you for some insights thanks for sharing!!!


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