Staying with Hotel Pont Royal, Paris


Hotel Pont Royal

We hopped in a taxi from the a train station and swiftly arrived outdid our hotel Pont Royal, a beautiful example of typically Parisian architecture. We were greeted by a bell boy, whisking away our luggage as we made our way into reception. We received a warm and friendly welcome from the hotel staff as they efficiently checked us in. 

We were pleased by how helpful and friendly the staff were. Nothing was too much trouble for the Hotel Pont Royal. It had that luxury vibe with genuine customer service right from from our friendly welcome to checking out. I must say that as tourists we found the reception team offered sound local knowledge and provided us with maps and tips to find our way around the city. 

We headed to the first floor and found our room, which was much larger than I anticipated, it was nice and airy. We had a wonderful view over the streets of Paris. There was so much space and I enjoyed perching in the sofa seating area just gazing through the biggest floor to ceiling window I have ever witnessed, taking in the busy hustle and bustle of Paris life. Of course, I did the customary Goldilocks bounce, testing out the two beds and confirmed their snuggly status. Seriously, let me tell you the beds and pillows were heavenly, so comfy and crisp bed linen; which was just what we needed after an early start, a long days travel and hitting the streets of Paris hard eager to take everything in. 


Another considerate aspect of our vast room was having separate bathroom and toilet, really handy. I enjoyed the luxury and delightful finishing touches.  The hotel must have received the luggage memo, as the wardrobe was massive wardrobe – a must for us fashion bloggers! 

paris_103 paris_104 paris_105paris_108paris_106 paris_107paris_111paris_109paris_116paris_117
That window above the entrance is our swanky room – that window is amazing and with great views looking out!


Breakfast in bed

 Now who doesn’t enjoy the luxury of a lazy breakfast in bed? 
We selected this option and I’m so glad we did, it was delightful not having to rush in the morning, we enjoyed a leisurely start to the day.

For breakfast we munched on a range of croissant’s and conserves, plus yoghurt’s and a refreshing pot of tea to share – a very impressive start I must say. I think the photos have turned out great too!

It was a such a marvellous stay, we were really well looked after and our room was both stylish and comfy. I promise I will be back for another visit soon! If you get the chance, check out the Hotel Pont Royal, you won’t be disappointed.

 Photos by Lois & myself.

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3 thoughts on “Staying with Hotel Pont Royal, Paris

  1. What a good find, most Paris hotels have shoe box sized rooms, yours was lush. I am so tempted, it’s been over a decade since I last went to Paris, I will keep the hotel name for future reference.

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