Summer Goth


You know how it is, a new purchase, well I was so excited to wear my new leather jacket,  loving my look …..on what ended up being one of the hottest days of the year – major practicality fail! So I was warm, I still stand by this choice as it really makes my outfit.  In my head this look is ‘summer Goth’, but in reality I feel it’s more of an 80’s / 90’s clash up. I’ve styled this 90’s-esque dress and tied the bandana as a choker the leather jacket gives it a real retro vibe, don’t get me wrong, I totally dig it, after all I did put it together. Maybe next time I rock this look it’ll be in cooler weather! 

Britain is all of a sudden experiencing summer,  we have gone from  rain and clouds to soaring temperatures and we are all enjoying a mini heat wave.  I’m honestly not complaining, but travelling on the London Tube is horrific AND  I can’t wear this jacket! Ok, busted,  I am complaining but only a teeny bit. 

I am excited and looking forward to my trip to Paris, Lois and I travel next week.  Boy has that come around fast!  I have lots of new outfits waiting to share with you (this jacket was one of them, but I just couldn’t wait, I’m naughty I know!). I’ve had so much fun planning  outfits for our trip, even though it has meant buying new clothes but not getting to wear them for weeks.  But it’s not long now until I will be seen strutting my stuff in Paris and sharing my snazzy new garms with an even snazzier Parisian backdrop!

Au revoir!

amy_blog_009amy_blog_052amy_blog_047amy_blog_055What I’m wearing –
Dress & Bag – Vintage
Shoes & Bandanna – Topshop
SunglassesUrban Outfitters
Leather Jacket c/o ASOS
Star & moon Ring c/o Boohoo

Photos – Shooting Dave

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4 thoughts on “Summer Goth

  1. I know that feeling about the heat well…I live in Louisiana and it is sweltering here! It so hard to look and feel stylish when your makeup is sliding off and you are soaked in sweat! Haha. I love this look though – I always adore leather jackets and “tough”pieces paired with really cute dresses. Makes me think of college back in the 1990s. 🙂


  2. Loved this look, I needed help styling my leather jacket so thanks!, I always find this time of year hard in england, not hot or cold but i think a jacket paired with something summery is a good way to go

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