Little Nan’s Afternoon Tea


Teddy Bears Picnic –

Sutton House in Hackney was beautifully restored by the National Trust and is a popular tourist attraction in the East End of London. It’s the perfect location for a Teddy Bears Picnic, so over the weekend my good friend Josie and I were treated to an afternoon tea there.  Sutton House is one of East London’s oldest properties, a prominent Grade II listed Tudor house, previously the residence of an advisor to King Henry VIII, no less.

Back to the present day, our afternoon tea was hosted by Little Nan’s . Now let me give you the low down on this multi award winning team ‘Little Nan’s’, it is a travelling cocktail bar that takes up residencies in the most interesting spaces and venues in London – they are also found under the bright lights of New York City too. They have just come on board to serve teapot cocktails and afternoon tea at Sutton House, perhaps best known for their Dalston Rio Bar and Peckham Tropical Bar.

The Little Nan’s team has won a host of awards from the likes of Time Out and The Culture Trip and are thrilled to bring their (slightly toned down) quirky kitsch to the history-steeped National Trust property- Sutton House. 

IMG_7555IMG_7581IMG_7556IMG_7559IMG_7562 IMG_7571

We enjoyed a retro high tea and yummy cocktails from the best teapot ever- I mean, just look at it! Theres a momma goose with her baby gosling tucked under her wing…. actually, on closer inspection it looks like her baby gosling is being sick. Its horrific, kitsch and great – all at the same time! 

Our first choice of cocktail was ‘I love Boney M’ … and well, who doesn’t? Of course one tea cup cocktail is never enough, so we tried a second. Sampling a pretty number called the ‘Duke of Bermondsey” which combines the flavours of Earl Grey and Gin. It was right up my street, Earl Grey tea is my favourite brew and I just love Gin. Both cocktails were delightfully tasty and rather boozy! Tristan from Little Nan created these cocktails and many more, I will definitely be visiting another one of his pop up bars very soon.


Drinkies were accompanied by our afternoon tea. I have to admit to being impressed with the choices on offer. It was created by The Hill Station Cafe. I personally avoid eating gluten, which makes it tricky to find decent alternatives that taste good. We really lucked out and were spoilt rotten by The Hill Station Cafe, we were quickly munching away on home baked scones AND home made jam, accompanied of course with lashings of thick cream. There was a pretty array of diminutive cakes and pastries, including Victoria sponge, Carrot cake and a nice selection of sandwiches and wraps – all gluten free!

IMG_7586IMG_7590IMG_7592IMG_7595IMG_7599What I’m wearing – 
Dress c/o Boohoo 
Bag c/o ASOS
Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters
Turquoise Ring – H&M IMG_7594IMG_7596IMG_7601IMG_7604

 What a lovely way to spend the day, chatting with a good friend, both of us slightly tipsy and contentedly munching on a yummy afternoon tea.
How was your weekend?

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