Rip Her to Shreads



I’ve had such a busy couple of weekends, what with BST festival, seeing Beyonce, LoveBox and squeezing in afternoon tea…. I’ve found it hard to get all my content sorted. Thankfully this weekend is a quiet one, which is very much needed. I aim to plan my outfits ready for Paris, I can’t believe just how quickly it has come around. Just incase you haven’t heard, Lois and I are heading to Pairs to shoot some campaigns. We’re both very excited and can’t wait to share it all with just with you… make sure to follow our joint adventures on Twitter and Instargam 😉

As I’ve been planning what to pack for Paris (more coming on this soon!). I’ve picked up a couple of sale bargains, mainly from Topshop. Now I’m not usually one for sale shopping, but when I spotted the two items I have been stalking, (well lusting after tbh) for the last couple of months – in the sale, and in my size, I knew fate had a hand in it and I quickly scooped them up and headed to the tills!

First up, let me introduce you to this jacket, I love the variety of colours, Aztec print and texture, you could say I have a lot of love for it. It’s a collarless little boxy shape, great for layering over pretty dresses or dressed down with skinny jeans and a simple white tee, just like I have done here. Later on I swapped the sandals for red heels and off I trotted to see Beyonce at Wemberly. Have you taken advantage of the sales this summer? Go on, treat yourself.

amy_blog_052 amy_blog_015 amy_blog_057 amy_blog_031amy_blog_032amy_blog_027amy_blog_044amy_blog_055amy_blog_046

What I’m wearing –
Jacket, Jeans & Sandals – Topshop
T-shirt – Oasis
Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters
Bag – Vintage
Turquoise Ring – H&M


Photos – Shooting Dave

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