Nothing Is Real But The Girl


I’m back! I have enjoyed a lovely week away from busy old London in the tranquil Scottish Highlands.   We enjoyed a whole week without using day to day technology, what I really mean is, we went cold turkey as there was no wifi, emails, phone signal ….like at all. At first it was a bit daunting thinking “how will I update my blog and Instagram account?” But that faded and towards the middle of the week it was quite refreshing actually taking a break from being busy,  including my beloved social media. I came back from the slow pace of rural Scotland chilled out,  it was good for mind and body, but now of course I’m so relaxed and I’m finding it hard to get back into the swing of it all.  Fear not, you know I will be back to my usual posting in no time at all. 
I know you have seen this trusty favourite dress plenty of times before,  I just love it, you have not seen it against a back drop of  this beautiful coast line – I hope the scenery gives you a little taste of my relaxation vibe. These photographs were taken during our break, on a day trip exploring  Otter Ferry .  We ate a delicious pub lunch and took a stroll to walk it off. We took in the beach and wandered past fields full of mummy lambs keeping a close eye on their gamboling new borns – so cute!
I will share more snaps of our day trip shortly, I have plenty of Scottish adventures to share so stay tuned!
Have a lovely weekend all!

scotland_amy_082scotland_amy_090 scotland_amy_094scotland_amy_085 scotland_amy_088What I’m wearing –
Dress c/o Choices
Jacket – Wallis
Sunglasses Urban Outfitters
Booties c/o  Just Fab 
Bag c/o Forever 21 Via Westfield Stratford
scotland_amy_098 scotland_amy_107scotland_amy_106

Photos – Shooting Dave

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7 thoughts on “Nothing Is Real But The Girl

  1. Looks like a lovely peaceful place! I think taking a break from tech is something we all should do every now and then!


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