Secret Garden


We headed back to Birmingham, my home city for a flying visit and headed over to catch up with family at my Grandfathers house. After enjoying a big fat Sunday lunch with family, Dave and I stepped out into his beautiful garden and took this opportunity to take some snaps of my outfit. 

This tropical print dress is new from Oasis with a vibrant, bold palette. I just love the silhouette, print and colours; I think it will be a great piece to wear through the summer months and well into autumn too. It’s easy to team up with layers and accessorised in a variety of ways for maximum versatility. On this occasion I am styling it with a navy blue tee, it tones down the bright colours to suit the occasion. I wore it with tights and ankle boots, accommodating the colder temperatures back home in the Midlands. I can see this dress suiting my needs all year round, it will work well by day or dressed up, catching time with friends for cooling cocktails on summer nights, just throw on a pair of sandals and you are ready to go. My favourite blue bag works rather well in completing the outfit. It’s a statement item, my current favourite and seems I can’t get enough of this bag lately…. I love the colour!

I’m starting to plan and prepare for our trip to Scotland in June. Dave and I are excited about creating photo shoots in the Highlands, I can’t wait for our next adventure and time to explore the beautiful Scottish countryside.

roys_yard_005roys_yard_010roys_yard_019roys_yard_035roys_yard_032roys_yard_007roys_yard_013roys_yard_029roys_yard_022roys_yard_036roys_yard_034roys_yard_043What I’m wearing –
T-shirt & Dress – Oasis
Sun Glasses – Urban Outfitters
Jacket – Wallis
Bag c/o BHS
Boots c/o Warehouseroys_yard_038 roys_yard_040 roys_yard_046

Photos – Shooting Dave 

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9 thoughts on “Secret Garden

  1. Very nice. I, too, buy versatile clothing that I can get wear out of year round. And, layering is my thing! makes the same signature piece appear new every time. People swear that my closet is much bigger than it actually is; I think I might do a post about some of my fashion tricks!…

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  2. Brilliant outfit – could definitely be dressed up or down and that Royal Blue colour looks amazing on everyone! Maybe you’d be interested in reviewing a bag from our range? We’re relatively new but have been featured in Vogue and GQ so it’d be great if you could take a look at our site:


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