Mimi & Lolo reviews… I Love Cosmetics

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I have been quite busy just lately, in that space where fun and work collide. 
I want to tell you about a couple of exciting new interests that Lois and I have teamed up on. Being curious types, we have been reviewing products that interest us ….and hopefully interest you too. Not content with writing and taking snaps, we are now putting our reviews on a brand spanking, shiny new YouTube channel.

In our first video we are reviewing “I Love…Cosmetics”. 
 Lois has enjoyed I Love Cosmetics in the past but for me this was a new experience. I don’t know about you, but I find its easy to get into a rut with my go to, cherished cosmetics. We don’t try new brands and there are some delicious purchases to be made. I’m glad I dared to try something different; and let me tell you what yummy smelling products they are! 
So, if you are curious, why not take a looksy at the video and find out some more? 😉


Creating YouTube videos on your own, can be quite daunting, it’s a whole new technique to master, I love blogging, have been doing it for such a long now, I feel i’m a dab hand at it. But let me tell you, making videos is hard! It’s a whole new skill set, so teaming up with my friend Lois, to create videos of us chatting about trends and brands that we enjoy, whilst having a laugh is great fun. I hope you enjoy joining us as we ponder and waffle- and be sure to check out more from our joint collaboration Mimi and Lolo here.

IMG_3519 IMG_3526

Photos by myself and Lois.

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3 thoughts on “Mimi & Lolo reviews… I Love Cosmetics

  1. I like the website, thanks for the link. I try to buy soap free products, as soap dries out my skin terribly (and it can age you). It’s not easy finding quality moisturising bath and shower stuff without soap in it. Even the healthy looking high street bath product shops often have soap or parabans in them I like the fragrances on offer here and will give them a try.. My skin thanks you mini & Lolo.
    A YouTube channel, about time too, yippee, I get to hear your voice.

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