A memorable stay with The Hoxton


A memorable stay with The Hoxton Hotel, Shoreditch, London

The Hoxton hotel is one of those great places in Shoreditch, that has been on my radar for a little while now. So, last Friday Lois and I grabbed some time to catch up on blogging, a spot of girly chat and check out the amazing “Hox”. We booked a sleepover, which was perfect timing for the full day we had planned.

The hotel is remarkably photogenic, brimming with beautiful aspects and creative touches, totally what you would expect from The Hoxton. It is conveniently situated in the heart of East London, just minutes walk from Old Street tube station. You can see all the influences of the surrounding area within the hotels design, from retro photo booths, vintage telephones and caged shelving, not to mention the beautiful open brick work,(ticking all my interior design boxes, (truly Loveland totally Pinterest worthy!)

amy_blog_403amy_blog_397amy_blog_718amy_blog_160The Hoxton Hotel
81 Great Eastern St,

We checked in to a twin room (no spooning for Lois and I). It was hassle free, (no waiting around!) and the friendly staff set the tone for our stay. We headed up to our room, which was cosy and luxurious, lots of great textures; wooden flooring, crisp white bedding layered with knitted throws. I liked the plush leather bed headboards and the lighting was perfect. There is a real talent to achieving this clever designer look; each aspect perfectly complemented the other.


Whilst the bathroom was small, it was perfect for our requirements with a rainmaker shower, which was heavenly! I wish my bathroom at home had one, I also loved the splash of mustard yellow titles in the shower, yet another clever design I will definitely add this to my Pinterest board, for future home designs.
amy_blog_101 amy_blog_040amy_blog_018

The free wifi was a real treat, we were able to get down to work whilst enjoying our lovely,, comfy stay. We had plenty of work to be getting on with, including filming some You Tube videos and catching up on product reviews, but most importantly – planning our outfits for the next day’s shoot (fashion doesn’t sleep.) After getting through our agenda and calling it a wrap for the night, we headed down to reception, picked up The Hox Guide, a selection of information and the best local haunts, all chosen by the staff team and neighbours, to help you explore the locality. 

We set off for an evening in central London, following a yummy dinner and a spot of photography, we caught the last tube back to the hotel, returning pretty late. The bar was buzzing, it’s open until 2pm every night. There was a great vibe, the perfect mix of music and trendy East Londoners, just hanging out; it’s clearly popular. There are weekly events that take place here, so you don’t even have to leave the hotel to have dinner, drinks or just enjoy the vibe.

amy_blog_097 amy_blog_042amy_blog_047amy_blog_057amy_blog_104amy_blog_084 amy_blog_087 amy_blog_100 amy_blog_016

When back in our fourth floor room, we snuggled under the crisp linen into the comfiest mattress ever. As we settled down for the night, we both commented on the sound……of silence! We couldn’t hear a single peep from the buzz happening downstairs – now that’s impressive.

As morning dawned, we woke up rested from a great nights sleep, due to those super comfy beds! The room is fully equipped for all you home from home needs, including an enjoyable breakfast bag, each filled with OJ, a granola pot and banana. I made us both a cuppa, I need my Earl Grey tea to start the day, we could have had coffee or bottled water and there was fresh milk, not those tricky little UHT pots….so we had ourselves a bed picnic.  Just how awesome is the pot provided to dispose of your used tea bags? In truth, it’s all these small, bespoke touches make The Hoxton a special place to visit or stay.


As you can tell, I really enjoyed my time at The Hoxton Hotel, it was good to hang out with Lois and I would recommend it as somewhere to enjoy a comfy stay in London, The Hox fits the bill. Tastefully stylish, friendly staff and in the heart of East London. Tempted?

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