All Star Lanes


Last week Lois and I headed to All Star Lanes for a couple games of bowling, a couple of milkshakes (they are amazing) and some darn good grub!
We received a really warm and friendly welcome and after a quick chat about our bowling games, we handed over our footwear and put on the iconic bowling shoes and headed to lane 6.
As we warmed up for our game of bowling (we’re not competitive at all 😉 ) we were greeted by our waiter for the evening. He ran through the tempting drinks options, his helpful recommendations helped us to settle for milkshakes all round. Lois opted for Chocolate and I went with my all time favourite strawberry. In fact these were so good we had a second one later, whilst eating dinner.

It turns out I’m pretty pants at bowling, I guess it’s not surprising as I haven’t been near a bowling lane in years. My problem is that I can hit some of the pins on the first attempt, but on the second…. the ball ends up in the side gutter, which is pretty gutting when you want to beat your mate! Lois won one game and I won the other, I definitely need some practice or even lessons, perhaps next time I could cheat a little and put the gutter buffers up! Now that’s a plan!!
After working up a rather large appetite, we headed to the diner. I was surprised by the varied selection of food on offer, ranging from healthy salads to mighty burgers, we of course had worked up an appetite and opted for the burgers. After all, we had surely done enough exercise to warrant it, right? 


We both went for burgers, and the burgers on the menu did not disappoint. I went with the King Pin, a classic burger topped with a melted layer of gooey Monterey Jack cheese and treacle-cured bacon, crowned with a mac ‘n cheese croquette. This has to be the king of all burgers in my opinion (and it was bloody marvellous!) Lois opted for the Wagyu Burger, weighing in at 6oz of pure-bred UK Wagyu beef, sautéed wild mushrooms balanced on the patty plus poached Panko duck egg, generously topped with sliced black truffle. I know! Both options were amazing!!! They have completely upgraded the dining experience, it’s so much better than my memories of food on bowling nights and even restaraunt dining on some date nights.

Seeing is believing, you can see our epic burgers from these snaps, we were very pleased with our choices. To wash down our meal, we indulged in a second round of ‘guilty pleasures’ milkshakes – I promise I don’t always eat like this but when I go all out, I really go all out – and we had worked out playing two games! 

IMG_0852IMG_08600IMG_0847IMG_086001img_3422img_3419img_3421IMG_0854img_3418It was such a fun way to spend the evening, we laughed so much it hurt, I really enjoyed all that All Star Lanes Bayswater had to offer. It had style, the lanes and lay out of this bowling alley was just the perfect size for us to enjoy privacy from other parties. There was a bespoke, intimate feel to the experience, with waiters in attendance to keep us topped up with refreshing drinks through out our game, so no worries about missing someone score a strike (or cheat) and so, no need to leave any belongings unattended. 

I might not have knocked down all the bowling pins, but following our bowling duel, the restaurant knocked us for six. It Is not only beautiful, but the food is top notch and they got the service just right. All Star Lanes Bayswater have really upped their game, we both felt very at home there, I just loved the ambience and ‘fun’ was very much the order of the day, perfect to impress on a date night, hanging out with friends or a place to celebrate a birthday in style. I’m sure, like me, you will find the staff helpful, friendly and welcoming. It was a great experience from start to finish, yes, even the shoes! I’m telling my friends and we are already checking our diaries for the next visit, I’m hooked! Did I hear someone shout strike!img_3424IMG_0772

All Star Lanes Bayswater
6 Porchester Gardens
W2 4DB 

img_3425IMG_0835Thank you to All Star Lanes for a brilliant evening and great food! 
Photos taken by myself and my girl Lois

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