Let the sunshine in

IMG_0622 IMG_0635IMG_0646Howdy, how ya’ll doing? I’ve been rushed off my feet this last week, with an impromptu day trip to Portsmouth, friends stays and busy evening – working on fun projects with my girl Lolo – I haven’t had time to write posts, but I shall up my a game and get back on it, I promise 🙂

Before we headed off on our impromptu day trip Dave and I managed to snap some quick outfit photographs. It was glorious sunshine in London which meant this lightweight jacket was perfect (not so great at 5pm on a rainy, windy beach in Portsmouth but we can gloss over that). This jacket is a trusty favourite of mine, I picked it up from an army surplus store in Canterbury years ago. I teamed it with my denim pinafore from New Look and a striped tee. I wanted a casual and comfortable outfit for the day. I didn’t get any snaps from our day trip as the majority of it was for Dave to photograph a car and when the fun began (by fun, I mean the seaside, fish and chips and fairground) it was tipping it down and no way was I reaching for the camera. I was focusing on keeping dry and running with Coco along the beach! 

IMG_0651IMG_0639IMG_0650What I’m wearing –
Dress – New Look
Jacket – Army Surplus
Bag – Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses – H&M
Top – Oasis 
Shoes – Topshop
IMG_0636IMG_0644IMG_0679Photos – Shooting Dave  

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