Kew Gardens

amy_birthday_084 amy_birthday_086

As I mentioned hereDave and I recently visited Kew Gardens to celebrate my birthday. I can’t believe we’ve lived in London for five years and only just visited Kew – it’s well worth a visit. In fact we can’t wait for it to get a little warmer and visit again in the Spring, and the Summer!

As Dave took so many beautiful photographs of our visit, I thought it would be nice to share them with you. There is a selection from the beautiful orchids, the aquarium at the bottom of the Victorian palm house, and the tree top walkway. We had such a lovely day and I really enjoyed celebrating my birthday at the Royal gardens.

amy_birthday_002amy_birthday_079amy_birthday_082 amy_birthday_080amy_birthday_078 amy_birthday_071I must admit, it was pretty high and I was a little scared but well worth it for the views!amy_birthday_076amy_birthday_063amy_birthday_089amy_birthday_006 amy_birthday_070 amy_birthday_022amy_birthday_059This was my favorite fish, I mean look at him!amy_birthday_018amy_birthday_056amy_birthday_016 amy_birthday_015 amy_birthday_012amy_birthday_001 amy_birthday_010amy_birthday_088amy_birthday_007

Photos – Shooting Dave


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