Bad Hair Day?


badhairtypeIf you’re like me, you’ll go to sleep with beautiful curly hair, and wake up with as I call it Hermione Granger (in the early days) hair, nope? Just me then, I’d love to say I have the type of hair that doesn’t need any help.
To wear it with my natural curls it takes work, and to have it straight takes even more work – well that was with my very old and temperamental strengtheners, in their defense they were about eight years old! Not anymore, now I have the beauties that are Irresistible Me Diamond Straightening irons.

When the email dropped in my inbox from the lovelies over at Irresistible Me asking if I would like to try out some products, I was like hell yes! As I’ve got very thick hair to go with the extensions, and my old strengtheners really in need of an update, and I opted to road test the straightening irons.

I’ve had so much fun playing around with these and creating different hair styles, for the purpose of showing you how incredible they are I left my hair to dry naturally and slept on it – hence the Hermione Granger hair, think back to the early day’s of Harry Potter ;-). I then tackled it with the strengthening irons in the morning to create this sleek, frizz free hair you see before you’re very eyes.


I guess the first thing I can’t get over is just how frizz free my hair is, I’ve used other high end irons before but I’ve never noticed these kind of results before. I mean, for someone who is prone to frizzy and flyaway hairs I had none, NONE! I can’t quite get over it, I also find when my hair is straight it isn’t so prone to becoming greasy and can go longer with out washing, yep, I’m that lucky that I have greasy hair as well as frizzy hair – I guess they are perks of having thick hair, if you can call them perks. When it’s curly I can’t go more than two day’s without washing it but when straight I can push it to three or even four days, the fourth day is with a hella lot of dry shampoo!


These straightening irons have some pretty call features; they heat up to a whopping 230C (I’ve generally stuck at 180C for my hair, incase you wanted to know) they also heat up very fast with cool tips to stop you burning you’re fingers. They are diamond, tourmaline and nano technology now I’m not claiming to know what any of that means but I can tell you it results in less damage to the hair and frizz free results, which in my book is a winner! Another good point is that the cord rotates a full 360 degrees which we all know is handy, and they have dual voltage which is great for me to use in the UK (although they have came with American plug nothing that a plug adaptor can’t fix just something to be aware of it buying from none American countries).amy_blog_121amy_blog_132

If you’re interested I’m happy to create a hair tutorial for creating this waved hair style or how I finish off my curly locks.
Would any of you like to see how I style my hair?
Just let me know in the comments and I will commence work on creating a tutorial!

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14 thoughts on “Bad Hair Day?

  1. These look great! I too have been blessed with Hermione Granger hair and feel that straightening it has always made it even more frizzy but might give these a go!


    1. Hermione hair is so frustrating, soon as you’ve slept on it it’s buggered, cant make straight or curly, completely buggered!
      I’ve always found this too, when using ghd’s I still get left with the crazy flyaway hairs and it feels all dried out.
      I’m really impressed with these and the fact you can control the heat is even better, you can modify it for you’re hair type.
      If you invest in them, please let me know how you get on with them, I’d love to know 🙂


  2. I’d love to see a tutorial!
    I have naturally frizzy curly hair 😦 my ghds straighten it but it doesn’t stay straight for long x


    1. I shall start planning a tutorial and making it a reality 🙂
      I’ve used friends ghd’s and my hair stayed straight for a day or two which I was impressed with compared to my old irons, but with these new irons, it will stay straight for up to four days and I think the only reason it’s not longer is I wash it. I can’t believe how good they are, I really didn’t expect it! x


  3. I have always admired your hair, specifically the length and color totally disregarding the fact that even you might have bad hair days haha. I have extremely frizzy, thick and long hair and if it wasn’t for an amazing iron like yours, I would be a lost puppy. Mine is however getting pretty rusty and I have been on the hunt for a replacement, the Diamond Styling Iron sounds like a possible contender. Thanks for sharing lovely!



  4. My daughter has Hermione hair which is totally foreign to me. My hair is stick straight, fine, & thin. It does just fine with a cheapie drugstore flat iron, but I’ve come to realize an iron to tame my daughter’s mane will require an investment. Great to see an honest review & results.
    BTW your hair looks beautiful in full Granger as well as ironed 🙂

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