Just Jane Vintage

christmas_273Just Jane
28-30 King Street,
Margate, Kent,
CT9 1DAchristmas_241christmas_246One of my favourite things to do is rummage around vintage stores, so when ever we’re down in Kent visiting Dave’s family, I love to take a trip over to Margate and explore the old town – which is filled with vintage and antique stores, most with prices a fraction of those in London!

 Last time we explored Dreamland and plenty of vintage stores, and this time I discovered another vintage gem while wondering the old town.  Let me introduce you to the wonderfully curated Just Jane, with a stunning collection of clothing and accessories, ranging from the Victorian era to the 1980’s retro clothing. They also have timeless antiques from 17th century to contemporary 20th century designs, ranging from furniture, paintings and the cutest collectables around. 

We were lucky enough to be visiting when co-owner David was working, now this guy was a fountain of knowledge and made our visit to the store even more enjoyable. It was great hearing the history of each garment, and I love the fact they research and find out as much infomation as possible about the items in their collection.

 This is one of the reasons I love vintage clothing, you know that each item has a history and comes with a story, it makes the item magical and this is something the high street can’t compete with, there are all so many other reasons I’m a vintage lover – the quality, the history, the silhouettes available, and the fact you can make truly unique outfits as the chances of someone having the same items are very rare, all these points make vintage clothing and accessories very dear to me.

christmas_248 christmas_263christmas_251 christmas_272christmas_260christmas_258christmas_252christmas_308Photos – Shooting Dave

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2 thoughts on “Just Jane Vintage

  1. Hi Amy
    I couldn’t agree more with your comments about Just Jane in Margate.
    I recently bought a Panama hat from there which is the envy of my Father-in Law.
    I would love to buy a similar one for him for Fathers Day but I can’t find a phone number for the shop, I don’t suppose that you can help?
    Best wishes.
    Joe Hallett


    1. Hey Joe,
      I don’t have the phone number but you could try contacting them via twitter? @Justjanevintage
      Hopefully they will respond otherwise on my next visit I’ll pop by but that won’t be for a couple of weeks now. Its such a lovely store, I’m so glad you found a lovely Panama hat!
      Amy x


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