Transitioning Your Wardrobe

illustrationsIllustrations by me –  Christopher Kane, J.W. Anderson, Rag and Bone, Emilio Pucci.

With Christmas in the rearview mirror, fashion girls are turning their focus to what’s ahead. A new year is beginning, and that means a new wardrobe needs to make an appearance. Staying consistent with your style is fine, but as a new year shapes up, you’ll definitely want to refresh your fashions and make this your most stylish year yet. 

And although we are still struggling with the impending winter chill, we also know that fashion waits for no one. With pre-fall styles already being showcased, it feels way too difficult to wait for actual spring to wear the spring/summer styles we saw hit the runways back in September. We’ve waited this long, after all, and isn’t that long enough?

For this post, I wanted to take a look at some of the hottest SS16 trends – ones that you can mix into your winter wardrobe without any hassle. Think of it as a way of wishful thinking the more we transition our wardrobes from winter to spring, the faster spring will arrive, right? A girl can dream.

ss16trendsSo without further ado, here are four SS16 trends to start bringing into your look, no matter what the temperature is outside.

ss16_08Proenza Schouler & Alexander McQueen ss16_03J.W. Anderson & Marques ‘ Almeida

1. Jumbo Ruffles
It seems that this season bigger is definitely better, and subtlety has no place. Oversized ruffles and bows were seen at Oscar de la Renta, MSGM and JW Anderson, and the excess of fabric will prove to be useful when all we want is to bundle up in giant coats and thick clothes. Surely, you’ll be able to find a ruffled dress to layer or a loud coat with these daring details.

ss16_01Miu Miu & Dolce & Gabbanass16_04Christopher Kane &  Refinery 29

2. Oversized Cardigans
Sticking with the too-big theme, another huge trend from the runways is the oversized cardigan. Although you might not need any more reason to invest in one of these cozy garments, just remember that styling is key. To avoid looking frumpy, Refinery 29 suggests that you “Dress your cardigan up by layering it over silky dresses and feminine skirts, or go full grunge with ripped jeans and combat boots.” This for sure is easy to mix into any spring sumer wardrobe. ss16_06

Jil Sanders Low-top Trainers, in light blue & light pink.ss16_07Miu Miu Pumps &  Nike Trainers

3. Sneakers
If you thought that trainers would exit the fashion scene along with its companion, normcore, you’re mistaken. While the athleisure and normcore outfits are being traded in for more feminine looks, the sneakers are here to stay. And luckily they’re offered in a variety of unique, girly styles that you can wear from the snow well into the spring. Just browse these lists for unique styling inspiration if you’re new to the sneaker game… I need to up my sneaker game, and I’m looking to get a pair of classics for my Birthday, as I love my Nikes I picked up in NYC. 

ss16_05 Calvin Klein Collection & Alexander Wang

ss16_02Lyst & Céline

4. Silk Slip Maxis
The slip dress makes an appearance every now and then, and it’s always just as sensual as you’d expect. Back in action for Spring 2016, lace and silk numbers hit the runways in longer form, making this trend wearable for the colder months. Think of it as your ultimate layering piece, to be hidden beneath a chunky coat and edgy accessories to juxtapose the softness. You might even want to layer a turtleneck underneath, and in doing so, you’ll be eons ahead in chicness.

There are abundants more fashion trends hitting down for SS16 but these four are my top picks, and ones I feel can transition into our daily wardrobes with least fuss.
Like I mentioned above, I’m looking to up my sneaker game and pick up another pair for my birthday. I also feel a chunky cardigan is not only essential in these colder months but can be a stylish layering a compliment, and coincidentally layered over silky slips seeing you through these chilly months into spring.

What are you’re thoughts the SS16 trends, are there any others that take you’re fancy that I’ve not mention? Check them all out courtesy of Flare.

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