Walking With Dinosaurs

amy_crystal_palace_058 amy_crystal_palace_006amy_crystal_palace_018 Last week Dave and I went for a walk in Crystal Palace and went on the hunt for dinosaurs! It was a rare mid week day off for us both and took full advantage of this, it was made even better by the lovely autumnal weather. This was our first visit to Crystal Palace park, it’s a such a surreal place, wandering around the lake and you stumble upon different dinosaurs. Coco also had a blast walking around and exploring this new park and meeting lots of cute pups along the way.
I wore some favorite classics, this camel coat is now a year old but still going strong, so glad Dave pointed it out to me last year! This tartan dress from the lovelies over at Tallulah’s Threads is a firm favorite and gets lots of complements each wear 🙂 then my navy satchel and loafers completed the look.

amy_crystal_palace_019 amy_crystal_palace_022 amy_crystal_palace_024amy_crystal_palace_016amy_crystal_palace_020amy_crystal_palace_057What I’m wearing –
Coat, Beanie Hat & Loafers – Topshop
Dress c/o Tallulah’s Threads
Bag – Cambridge Satchel Co.
amy_crystal_palace_031 amy_crystal_palace_055amy_crystal_palace_052amy_crystal_palace_059amy_crystal_palace_045amy_crystal_palace_041amy_crystal_palace_036amy_crystal_palace_002 amy_crystal_palace_062amy_crystal_palace_061Photos – Shooting Dave


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