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rokit_014rokit_024I had such fun mooching around Roket’s Brick Lane store last Saturday.
The store is full to the brim with women’s and men’s vintage treasures, along with some upcyled collections. It was heaving with people, a good sign of the quality on offer! As I made my away around the crowds and got suck in looking for a new outfit and Dave was on hand to capture my shopping trip and the store, if you’re in London and looking for vintage make sure you head to Rokit on Brick Lane, you won’t be disappointed and for those of you who can’t make it in person, why not check out their site.


I walked away with some great gems, and to see more of what I got in the form of a video haul check it out below 😉 I will also have a couple of outfits featuring the items I picked up to follow next week, keep you’re eyes peeled for them.

rokit_044rokit_045rokit_043rokit_030Rokit London Vintage Stores
101 Brick Lane,
E1 6SE rokit_029rokit_061 rokit_028rokit_058 rokit_025rokit_037 rokit_022rokit_072 rokit_021rokit_019 rokit_020rokit_062rokit_041rokit_042 rokit_018 rokit_010rokit_073 rokit_008

Thank you Rokit for inviting me down, I had such a blast!

Photos – Shooting Dave


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19 thoughts on “Rokit Vintage

  1. Love this post! The pieces you picked out were absolutely adorable, you have a great eye for good finds. I especially like that lil red handbag and backpack combo, so cute! Also, your boyfriend is an amazing photographer. The way the store was captured in these pictures makes me want to go if I ever get the chance to visit London! 🙂

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