That Fall Feeling

richmond_park_020richmond_park_009richmond_park_029The weather on Sunday was just de-vine, I mean if I’d had known how warm it was going to be I’d of ditched my wooly jumper and even my tight! Alas I was caught out by the british weather – it’s a cunning little so and so!! We Headed to Richmond Park for a walk and were joined by our friends Bex & Lex (you’ll have seen them in our last Richmond Park post here). We also had a special guest Rocco the pug with us, he’s been keeping Coco company over the weekend while his Daddy’s were away. It’s been great fun having the little – errr, he’s bigger than Coco, so not so little – fella here. Although pugs snore, like really snore! I mean I was warned but man did Rocco keep us awake at night, he even snored with his eyes open, and he sheds hairs unlike Coco, that also took some getting used to (if you look closely, you’ll see them ALL OVER ME) even with the sleepless nights and the fawn coloured hairs all over my tights, he was the sweetest pup and it really makes me want a second dog, maybe just not a pug any more (I’m in need of some sleep!).

richmond_park_017richmond_park_007richmond_park_035richmond_park_003I picked this aztec monochrome skirt up with my work uniform discount, I’m really into printed skirts this season. Wooly jumpers are becoming a firm favorite too, this crew jumper is a bargain at a mere £26 – then I get the perks of staff discount on top 🙂 – How could I not get it and after all it’s in my much loved colour, burgundy!richmond_park_026richmond_park_039richmond_park_022richmond_park_043 richmond_park_011 richmond_park_005richmond_park_031richmond_park_027

What I’m wearing –
Jumper & Skirt – Oasis
Bag – Warehouse
Shoes – Dr Martins
Hat – Urban Outfitters
Ring – Freedom, Topshop


Photos – Shooting Dave

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