Dark & Stormy

amy_blog_063amy_blog_096amy_blog_097Time to mix things up a little, my last couple of looks have been heavily 70’s inspired. I fancied a change and opted for a nudge on the grungy side. This paisley print skirt is another work discount piece (it’s handy working in fashion and getting 75% off clothing you like). I didn’t want to go down the obvious way to style it, instead I went for a 90’s throwback with my beanie hat and Dr Martens (you know its fall when these are back on my feet!) my leather jacket felt like the right choice. To inject glamour into the look I went for my envelope rose gold clutch bag, and finally to add extra texture and warmth I layered up my faux fur stole. amy_blog_094amy_blog_066amy_blog_090amy_blog_086I was really pleased with how the look turned out, I wore this outfit for dinner with friends. It felt the perfect mix between casual and dressy – I think this skirt will see me right through to the party season. I’m thinking it can be worn in the day with simple t-shirts or large cosy knits and for the evening pairing it with heels.amy_blog_061amy_blog_080What I’m wearing –
T-shirt, Belt & Hat – Topshop
Skirt – Oasis
Shoes – Dr Martens
Jacket, Faux Fur Stole & Bag – Wallisamy_blog_095amy_blog_081amy_blog_079Thank you all for entering my giveaway and following me, I will announce the winner in Wednesday’s post… Not sure what I’m on about, then click here.amy_blog_093amy_blog_067amy_blog_088amy_blog_072Photos – Shooting Dave


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22 thoughts on “Dark & Stormy

  1. You are so effortlessly stylish I just love all the pieces you put together. Total inspiration especially to someone like me who just wears massive jumpers all the time! I think I may have to invest in a skirt like that to mix with both day and night pieces. ❤

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  2. Really appreciate your style. Picked up lots of tips and must rejuvenate my dowdy wardrobe. However, would like to ask one little favour: can we have at least one close-up photo where the clothing is shown without distraction of a handbag? For instance, I wanted to see the finer details of this beautiful skirt but the bag was always in the way. Otherwise, keep up the good work.


    1. Yes of course I will try and remember that next time taking photographs, I guess I always want to show off the accessories along with the skirts or dresses and not to have “boring images” without details but I guess the prints are details too, I have never thought of it like that. 🙂


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