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On Saturday I headed to LoveBox at London’s Victoria Park, along with the Fashion Sept girls, who I will introduce you to later ;-). The kind folks over at Superdry decked us out in some mighty fine gear, and not to be left out on the action the lovely’s over at Just Fab gave our feet some glamour with their huge range of shoes. I also did (along with Lois and Laura) a special instagram take over on Simply Be’s account, head over to their feed to see my snaps!

I met the girl’s outside the entrance, they had set up camp along with some prosecco and multiple bags of sweets and plenty of Flash Tattoo’s which were being applied, I joined in on the action and got my temporary tatts appiled (turned out they arent so temporary, lots of scrubbing to get them off the next day!). After hanging outside LoveBox for longer than we probably should have, we made our way to collect our photography passes and got inside. We soon got into work mode and split off into small groups to get our outfit photos in – the good thing about hanging with other fashion bloggers, we understand the whole stand and pose thing, plus we can take each others photos!

IMG_8655 love_box03IMG_8646IMG_8612IMG_8736love_box02IMG_8586IMG_8541IMG_8475IMG_8474IMG_8456IMG_8829After wandering around taking outfit photos for each other and seeing what LoveBox had to offer we got hungry. There was no question or doubt in which food vendor to head to, as soon as we saw Mac & Cheese we all got on it, and boy was it yummy! We were also lucky enough to have some amazing cup cakes courtesy of La Di Da Cupcakes… They were so tasty and look how cute they are too!! Defiantly check them out, your taste buds wont be disappointed believe me – also lets just ignore that I’m on a diet for one weekend ;-).IMG_8861IMG_8827fashion_septNow onto another important matter, Fashion Sept we are a collective of fashion bloggers – blogging about lifestyle, travel and fashion. The Fashion Sept ladies include Lois, Laura, Leigh, Clare, BethAnnie and myself. We all have such wide and varied fashion tastes and styles, it’s great to see how we’ve all styled items from the same brands but in such different ways.

Fashion Sept is the brainchild of Lois, who is a PR maven and hooded us up with the amazing goodies for LoveBox, we have lots of exciting things planned and look forward to sharing them with ya’ll soon. In the meantime wanna see more from us? Follow our instagram and twitterDSC_7343IMG_8695IMG_8739DSC_6983

Another amazing treat was these Fuji-film Instax Mini Polaroids courtesy of Currys. We had lots of fun taking instant snaps on these beautiful pastel coloured babies. We all picked our favorite colours – as there wasn’t a green option (my lucky colour) I opted for sunshine yellow.IMG_8731IMG_8730IMG_8648You can’t quite tell from this picture but is was quite literally the dustiest place I’d ever been too! It was like what I imagine a stand store to be like, well a mild stand storm. Our Just Fab shoe’s got covered but don’t they still look pretty!IMG_8840love_box01DSC_6981IMG_8619IMG_8735

All photos taken by me, expect the ones I’m in, photo credit Bunnipunch & Beth – Thanks ladies!

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16 thoughts on “LoveBox Music Festival…

  1. All of your outfits are so pretty ๐Ÿ™‚ I recently got a box of vintage dresses from a friend:will people laugh if I wear them to school? They’re beautiful and very flattering. Either way, I love your fashion and it’s a huge inspiration!

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    1. That sounds like an amazing gift!
      I love vintage clothing, it’s so different and unique, some people don’t get the value of dressing differently from the crowd and may make comments but if you love the dresses, why allow their opinion to change you’re mind? It can be difficult if you’re in a small town or in a group of friends and dress differently to others but it the older I’ve gotten the less I’ve cared about what others think and have surrounded myself with others who love vintage too. I have a love for vintage and retro clothing, the way a vintage dress feels on compared to a high street dress, that I don’t listen to others comments. I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t let others stop you from expressing your unique style and please be you’re fabulous self wether that’s in vintage or high street clothing. X


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