My Diet Journey…

IMG_8125 IMG_8153My diet journey… so far!

After months of trying to control my diet – well apart from the odd burger and naughty treat. I eat pretty healthy on the whole but find excise such a chore, and such a bore on top of that! Which meant I wasn’t really achieving the results I had been hopping for. After looking around online, talking to my friend Ash and along with Dave’s sister Clare about their Slimming World experience. I thought if it’s worked for them, why not give it ago. I guess this post is going to be about my SW journey so far and what’s worked for me. Now I’ve only been on this diet for seven weeks but I’ve already noticed and had compliments on the results. Now just to make this clear, over all I’m pretty happy with my figure but would like to loose my belly weight and also tone up some of the wobbly parts (like upper arms and my thighs). My aim is to loose two stone and in my first two weeks I lost half a stone and in the seven weeks I’ve lost a stone and a half – now that’s pretty good going aye!

IMG_8154It’s unlike any diet I’ve ever tried and I found the first week insane, I couldn’t get to grips with what I could and couldn’t eat, what are free foods and what syns foods cost. I ended up going way over my syn allocation on the first day, but I soon got the hang of it. Incase you’ve never heard of the SW diet, free foods are foods that you can eat as much as you can without putting on weight, where as syn foods are things like Olive Oil, sugar and anything naughty really. You have an allocation of syns to use each day – ladies get 15 syns where as gents get 20, these can be used on oil in greasy fry-up, on a packet of crisps or alcohol, its up to you how you use your syns. The diet opened my eyes to foods I thought were healthy but actually have syn values, for example rice cakes have a syn value of 1.5, which can easily add up if you eat a couple.

What I have really enjoyed about the SW experience is the booklet it came with – it has so many great recipes and I’ve really enjoyed branching out and trying new things. At times I find cooking difficult and I end up cooking the same things over and over, where as the SW diet comes with so many I’ve not cooked the same thing twice. We also get weighed weekly, our group meets on a Wednesday. It’s optional after being weighed to stay for group, this is great to support the other members in your SW group and give you new ideas of what others are doing to keep temptation at bay.
I’m enjoying my journey so far and happy with the results. I will keep you up dated and share my trails and tribulations over the coming weeks and if I succeed to my goal weight and then the task of maintaing it! 


If you’d like any healthy recipes let me know and I’m happy to share some 🙂

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22 thoughts on “My Diet Journey…

  1. Sounds like you have achieved some really great results. Nice work! I always love reading about people’s achievements in getting healthier, because it inspires me to continue with my goals 🙂

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  2. Ah, slimming world is absolutely amazing! I tend to lose weight very slowly, but have lost 1 and a half stone so far too and am really feeling so good for it! The plan is so easy once you get used to it too. If you need recipe ideas or any help at all, I just started my blog yesterday and it will soon be full of tasty recipes and meal plans – all slimming world friendly! Feel free to follow 🙂 well done on your journey so far, you’ve done incredibly!

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    1. Hey!
      Yes I will be following! I love all the recipes that come with SW – I’ve never enjoyed cooking and eating so much since this diet! The best thing is it doesn’t feel like a diet!! Good luck with your weight loss. I’ll be popping over to check out your blog 🙂


      1. It doesn’t at all, does it?! I just ate 3 caramel digestives and I haven’t gone over my syns (not quite, anyway….). Pop over whenever you can – there are no recipes quite yet but will hopefully be posting a couple later. My new domain is 🙂


  3. Congratulations SW buddy! I’ve been back on for 12weeks and lost 12.5 lbs, no where NEAR your impressive amount! I love SW though, its great for getting you to eat lovely meals. And thanks for sharing your journey, you’ve inspired me to put 100% in this week, I need my 1stone award! I started an instagram for my healthy eating, didnt want to fill up my normal one with the pics, and it’s been so useful!


    1. Yes once I got my half a stone award I wanted the stone award!! I’ve just received my club ten award! I feel so great and don’t want to go back to feeling sluggish and I feel I’m able to sleep better now! I’d like to follow your Instagram account, please share how I can find you!
      Good luck with giving it all this week! I know you’ll do great! X


      1. Course love, it’s foodyfattyfitty! Have you tried the big mac in a bowl recipe yet? It’s a winner, even Ben loved it, great for the fast food pangs.


  4. As a person who struggled for ages to lose the birth control weight, I actually found that going gluten free solve my problems in about a month! It might not be for everyone, but I lost belly fat almost immediately, especially since gluten makes you bloat. Just a suggestion. I feel better and have lots of energy as well. Maybe this could help you too!


    1. Yes gluten is evil for causing bloating, I’m gluten intolerance so avoid it already although all the yummy things have it in!! I’m glad it’s helped you with your bloating and weight loss. birth control weight is a nightmare, I too feel this contributed to my weight gain – that and the sweeties ha ha 🙂

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  5. I feel ya sister! Trying to loose some of the junk in my trunk. Well done on your success – you’re beautiful as is but always aim to feel better about yourself! xxx

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  6. Wow. This is very inspirational.
    Well I am personally struggling with all this weight. I have tried everything I know but somehow fail to keep up and yhen somehow put on more weight.I would like to loose weight really fast but I don’t know what to do or use.I don’t know what I can venture in.


  7. Lovely post and great photographs. I am also a lover of SW and have lost over 6 stone in total after two attempts at it (with a baby inbetween) well done on your achievement! x


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