Burgers Of New York

nyc_073nyc_072Spotted Pig –
314 West 11th Street, at Greenwich Street, NY 1001


Journal - 1

It’s no secret that Dave and I love a good burger – so how could I not put together a guide of our favorite burger joints in NYC!? Dave’s favorite was by far, the Spotted Pig. In his words ‘the blue cheese with the beef burger was just insanely good’ and I really liked the shoe string fries. Plus Greenwich is a really pretty part of NY! Now if your planning to head over to the Spotted Pig and explore the area, a top tip would be to head over to the pub and reserve a table (we had a two hour wait). Once you’re table is reserved head off to explore the Hudson river or the pretty side streets but remember to be back in plenty of time for you’re table or someone else will snap it up! In the end we pushed our way to the bar and got a great sit and chatted with locals. One of my favorite burgers was from Bare Burger, this was walking distance from our hotel and again was packed full but we were lucky and scored a table right away. They also offer gluten-free buns, which is great for me as I have a wheat & gluten allergy (which I mostly ignore at my peril!). I think Bare Burger was my favorite decor. I’ve also included Guacuco which is a Venezuelan restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn. We were taken here by my sister and her husband who live in Brooklyn. They do great little burger like sandwiches with gluten-free buns!nyc_060nyc_058Shake Shack –
600 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10016
nyc_062nyc_061nyc_047nyc_042nyc_045Bare Burger –
514 Third Avenue, NY 10016
nyc_039nyc_043nyc_036nyc_044nyc_046nyc_040nyc_037nyc_054nyc_048Guacuco –
44 Irving Ave, Brooklyn NY, 11237nyc_049nyc_053 Photos – Shooting Dave

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11 thoughts on “Burgers Of New York

  1. Cool. Going back “home” this Summer so I’ll be sure to check out one or all. Used to go to the Flame Grill on 44th back then. Good, smokey, totally decadent greasy cheeseburgers to die for. Thanks for this post!

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