Empire Diner…

nyc_006nyc_003On our first day in NYC, Dave and I headed out nice and early to explore the city. We went off in search of breakfast and after walking what felt like for ever we stumbled across the Empire Diner, where we had the best pancakes I’ve ever eaten! Oh so light and fluffy with maple syrup and seasonal fruit compote – which was the perfect amount of sweet and tangy.nyc_001nyc_004After we stuffed our face’s full of pancakes we headed for a walk around Central Park. Our first day was chilly with jumpers and coats needed. I’m wearing a new mustard jumper from Topshop, I just love the colour. I have lots more NYC posts lined up for you to feast upon 😉empire_dinernyc_002nyc_005210 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Photos – Shooting Dave 

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18 thoughts on “Empire Diner…

  1. Oh! I feel jealous about you! Most of all because of the pancakes!!! It’s 2:41 in the night here in Spain, I can go and buy them from no where now!!! I shouldn’t see that photo!!! About the town…it’s magnific. Nature it’s always beautiful. I’m sure you had a great time! Send you a big hug

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