Sugar Skull

new_watch_001new_watch_006new_watch_025I’m still sorting through our NYC photographs, I think Dave took about 1000+ pictures… Crikey that’s a heck of a lot to sort through! I will share them very soon, I promise!
For now here is my latest outfit offering – I was gifted this lovely sugar skull watch from the delightful vintage store Tallulah’s Threads, remember my cute tartan dress? Yep, that’s from them! They have recently started stocking watches and jewelry, with a super cute selection on offer. The sugar skull jumped out to me, I love the design, it was my halloween costume and Dave often say’s he’d like a sugar skull as a tattoo, which I think would be pretty cool!
I’m also sporting a new ring, I love the half and half with the marble effect. For my outfit I dusted off this long line kimono from last summer, teamed it with my skinny jeans and favorite sandals as it was a chilly day I had to layer up with my PU jacket and I added my blue bag for a pop of colour.

new_watch_007 new_watch_020new_watch_018new_watch_028new_watch_009What I’m wearing –
Kimono & Jacket – Wallis
T-shirt, Jeans & Shoes – Topshop
Fedora Hat – Urban Outfitters
Ring – Freedom
Watch c/o Tallulah’s Threads
Bag c/o BHS

new_watch_017new_watch_021new_watch_030 new_watch_032Photos – Shooting Dave

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