Black & Gold…

black_and_gold_008black_and_gold01 black_and_gold_043One of my Birthday treats was this Vivienne Westwood bracelet – I’m also lucky to have the matching necklace, thank you very much Momma 🙂 – for it’s first outing I thought I’d keep the outfit simple and went with all black, in-bracing my inner goth. To add a little colour with my camel coat and a hint of print with my leopard silk scarf.

I’m still addicted to my new loafers, although they pinch a little. I forgive them due to their prettiness, don’t you just hate it when shoes pinch! I’m hoping with a couple more wears and the leather will be worn in and super soft.

black_and_gold_035black_and_gold_025What I’m wearing –
Coat, T-shirt, Jeans & Beanie Hat – Topshop
Scarf – Vintage
Bracelet – Vivienne Westwood
Bag – Miss Selfridge

black_and_gold_039black_and_gold02black_and_gold_017black_and_gold_042black_and_gold_010Photos – Shooting Dave

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33 thoughts on “Black & Gold…

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  2. You look amazing! Love your blog

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