A lovely weekend!

IMG_7234IMG_7231IMG_7254To help celebrate my Birthday I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with my Father, it was great having him stay and getting to hang out with him. On Saturday we headed into central London for a spot of shopping and to visit a music shop (music shop to keep Father happy, shopping to keep me happy 😉 ). The main reason we were shopping was for my Birthday presents (my Birthday was last Wednesday and you’ll have seen my presents in this post), as I already knew what I wanted the shopping trip was pretty pain-free – nipping into only 3 stores and then heading to Byron burger for lunch. Yum! All in all a great day… For Coco fans you’ll love the picture below, he’s wearing a coat! Too cute!

IMG_7247IMG_7240IMG_7245IMG_7257What I’m wearing –
Hat, Jumper, Dress & Coat -Topshop
Backpack – Urban Outfitters
Loafers – & Other Stories

IMG_7253IMG_7267IMG_7259Photos taken by my Father – Thank you Dad!

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27 thoughts on “A lovely weekend!

    1. Hey there!
      It’s from Urban Outfitters, it’s not real leather but it’s pretty damn close (everyone thinks it’s real leather) I fit quite a lot in it for work – lunch box, small bottle of water, purse, makeup bag, iPad & charger and a umbrella, all goes in with ease but there isn’t much more space after that. I would say it’s pretty heavy duty for everyday use but maybe not a gym or food shopping bag. Hope that helps!

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    1. Hey!
      This set of photos were taken on my canon 600D with 50mm f/1.4 lens. It’s there budget lens retails between £50-89. Would highly recommend! Usually photos are taken on Dave’s 5D mark3 – now his kit is serous but my canon 600D does a good job too ☺️ would it help if I did a blog post about the gear I use? X


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