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Kicking off February with a special post – I was approached by Beyond Retro to illustrate their monthly news letter. They sent over the different topics and I set to work putting pencil to paper, this is what I created. You can see the full news letter here and you can read the interview with yours-truly here. I really enjoyed collaborating with Beyond Retro and feel honored they picked me and my illustration style for Februarys mix.



 All illustrations by myself.

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28 thoughts on “Monthly Mix…

  1. Great job! I checked out the website too. Do you know if they ship to the U.S.? I have to giggle about the 90s being retro since I was a teen in the 90s. I may need to order some ’90s clothing for nostalgia’s sake. (Btw. As a fashion person I need to ask you: Is ’90s clothing now “in” again? If so, I might have to go for that.) Man, I’m getting old!


    1. I am on the same page as you! I think the 90s grunge era is slowly making its way back! As I look down I am wearing short lace up boots with a flannel and black leggings. Haha. I can’t believe the 90s is about 20-25 years ago!

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      1. Yes the 90s trend has been slowly creeping back into fashion over the last year or two. I like to mix small elements into my outfits as it’s fun and reminds me of my childhood… Let’s not talk about getting old, it’s my birthday next week 😬


      2. I do the exact same thing – a little velvet here, a denim jacket there, but I try not to overdo it! It’s fun to get creative with the ways to pull from that trend.


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