The Music Cube


Westfield  invited Dave & I down to their Stratford shopping center to take part in the Music Cube event. How it works – with a handpicked selection of artists performing within a sound proof glass cube, we get plugged in with Sennheiser URBANITE headphones (they were amazing and gutted I couldn’t keep them!) and a sensory vibrating floor whilst they are performing – it’s taking a silent disco to the next level. With the artist all kept under-wraps until two hours before their live performance it was a great surprise to see who we’d be watching perform and it was the lovely and ever so talented Chloe Howl. I must admit I hadn’t heard of her (but I hardly listen to current music and when I do it’s radio two – I’m stuck in the past) but I had heard one of her songs (while at work) and never connected the dots to whom sang that song. I’m really glad the Cube introduced me to her music as she has a great voice and is ever so cute too! It was a rather strange experience being in the middle of a shopping center at a silent disco but it turned out to be lots of fun, most people let go and were having a little dance along, it was great to see so many happy people enjoying good music!


Photos – Shooting Dave

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