Last Light…

garage_photos_002garage_photos_022garage_photos_025Sometimes I think an outfit location dictates what style of outfit I fancy wearing and this location has fast become my favorite – there are a number of reasons why I like it so much. Firstly, It’s really close to our house, secondly I love the urban vibe it gives to outfits and finally because its down a private road, which means we can take outfit photos with no one watching, bonus!
These boots are also a firm favorite, as I’m not really one for heels I’m surprised how much I’ve been wearing them and how comfortable they are. Plus I’ve rekindled my love for clutch bags, I’m now on the hunt for more.

garage_photos_017garage_photos_023garage_photos_019What I’m wearing –

Duster Coat & Skirt – Wallis

T-shirt, Boots, Hat & Belt – Topshop

Bag – Vintage

garage_photos_026garage_photos_009Photos – Shooting Dave Follow me at Twitter and Facebook

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26 thoughts on “Last Light…

  1. Hi ! Today I start this little adventure, it’s my first post : Please, enjoy it ! 🙂 I’m from Barcelona


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