Amongst The Reeds…

park_blog_004 park_blog_019park_blog_026This week I had a much needed hair cut, nothing to drastic but the ends taken off and a little length off the fringe and boy does it feel good, super soft and looks much healthier. It’s all thanks to my dear friend Allen, in exchange for a free hair cut for myself and Dave, I cooked him dinner. I opted for tacos, it was very good idea (we’ve never really had them at home before) it was a great evening with great people. Annnnd I wanted to Thank You all for voting for me in the Zalando Blogger Awards, it really means a lot having your support and if you haven’t voted yet… pretty please will you vote – you could win a £100 voucher 🙂 park_blog_013park_blog_029 I also stocked up on outfit photographs this weekend, as Dave’s going away on holiday with his friends later this week (Coco & I will miss him 😦 ) and with no photographer I thought I better make the most of it and dress snazzy. We’ve had a really nice and relaxing weekend, as well as our usual dog walk in the common, we also visited the Oval farmers market and met up with my blogging friend Ashley but you’ll see all that later in the week 🙂

park_blog_021park_blog_023What I’m wearing –

Jacket – Wallis

Kimono – New Look

T-shirt, Jeans & Boots – Topshop

Hat – Urban Outfitters

Bag – Vintage

Ring – F21 park_blog_030park_blog_012park_blog_027Photos – Shooting Dave
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