Tough Florals…


I’m on a roll and have another outfit post for you to feast upon. I wore this to work the other day and got a lot of complements on my dress, not bad for a £3 vintage sale rail! It was originally a midi dress, I brought it way back when, when I wasn’t into midi’s and it was all about short dresses so I altered the length. Now when ever I’m in a vintage or thrift shop I keep an eye out for another of this dress with its longer length, I’d love it in a midi. Also I love the combination of this dress and bag, they work perfectly together. As the bag and dress are rather girly, I’ve toughened the look up a little with my leather jacket, thick black belt and my DM’s.
amy_blog_011amy_blog_003What I’m wearing –

Dress – Vintage

Bag c/o BHS

Fedora Hat – Urban Outfitters

Belt – Topshop

Jacket – Wallis

Shoes – Dr Martens
amy_blog_008amy_blog_013Photos – Shooting Dave
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18 thoughts on “Tough Florals…

  1. I love your style! I have a soft spot for floral dresses, and I love the way you accessorize them (especially the leather jacket!) Also- the way you do your makeup is beautiful =)


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