A Nod To Autumn…

walk_in_the_park_017walk_in_the_park_02walk_in_the_park_027This outfit feels rather autumnal and ladylike, it was a slightly cooler day and makes long sleeves bearable. This skirt and shirt combo is a firm favorite of mine and so is this vintage bag, it gives any outfit a ladylike elegance. I’m starting to look at fall collections and planning a wish list of things I want, no things I need! Top of this list is a classic Lamb 1887 bag, in fact I have my eye on a couple this one and oooh this one is pretty! Every year when autumn comes a knocking I like to pick out a couple of staple winter pieces, I also have my eye on a new coat… I mean I am still in love with the one I got last year but I’m after a smarter style this year and I’m thinking camel coloured. Are you planning your winter wardrobe yet? What staple pieces do you like to buy new each year?walk_in_the_park_022walk_in_the_park_014walk_in_the_park_01What I’m wearing –

Shirt, Belt & Loafers – Topshop

Bag & Skirt – Vintage, Thrift

Fedora Hat – Urban Outfitters
walk_in_the_park_018walk_in_the_park_029walk_in_the_park_025walk_in_the_park_031Photos – Shooting Dave
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