Grace Of Monaco…

grace_of_monaco_01Grace Kelly The Princess Of Monaco –

The film stars Nicole Kidman (who I’m rather fond of in Bewitched) and tells the story of Grace Kelly’s transformation from movie star to royal princess. I won’t go to much into the story line, as I do not wish to spoil it for those who haven’t seen the film but I will talk about the beautiful style of the film, not only is the fashion amazingly re-created but the film it’s self is beautiful and how could it not be with Monaco as it’s back drop!


Last year I visited Monaco and I truly fell in love with the city, so when I saw this film advertised I knew I had to see it. Luckily I was given the chance to see it along with a friend at the cinema, thanks to the kind folks at Glitzy Secrets! What better way to spend a girly afternoon than lusting over the super chic 60’s style. The film is jam-packed with 60’s sprit and the silhouettes and dresses to match, with lots of cute lady like separates, the stylist Gigi Lepage is incredible and I truly believe her creation and inspiration of Grace Kelly is what makes the film beyond dreamy.


I think Nicole was the perfect choice for the casting of Grace, as she oozes class and suits the vintage look down to a tee. I’ve included some of my favorite styles from the film. I love the array of hats on display in the film, the cat eye sunglasses are another firm favorite of mine. The use of scarfs also caught my eye, either worn tied around the neck or as a head scarf either way I’m digging these lady like vibes. The whole cinematic feel to this film has me lusting after a holiday to the South of France and dressing head-to-toe in vintage 60’s glamour. Have you seen the film? What did you think of the styling and which was your favorite look?

grace_of_monaco_04grace_of_monaco_03All images taken from Google. 🙂
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7 thoughts on “Grace Of Monaco…

  1. Haven’t seen the movie yet, but the styling looks incredible. I can’t wait to have an eveing where I can watch it soon! x


  2. Hi Amy. Thanks for sharing all these gorgeous pictures and for blogging about this film. As a lover of all things vintage, films like this one are just the ticket for an avid wannabe time traveller like me. Because I live in a small town the film was only shown for two nights in my local cinema and unfortunately I was away during this time. So I haven’t seen it yet and am very jealous of your glitzy afternoon with your friends. Keep up the good work!



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