Heidi Braid Tutorial

ghd_004ghd_050Here is a little Heidi Braid Tutorial I put together but before I go into details about creating this braided look, let’s talk about heat protection spray! I was kindly sent this one in a little care-bundle from ghd and Best British Bloggers. As I have rather wavy to mid curly hair, I have to blow dry it to get sleek straight locks. For this I have to use a heat spray to protect my hair, plus I have major knotty hair even more so since dip dying it. This protection spray works wonders and has helped with fly-away’s and broken ends. I also use Extraordinary oil by Elvive (Ľoréal Paris) – this is mainly so I can get a brush through my hair. I apply this when wet and brush it through my hair, I then leave my hair to naturally dry for 10 mins and then spray the heat protection spray and get blow drying. This combination of oil and protection spray is making having straight hair a breeze! …..P.s these are my other pair of glasses, they’ve finally made it onto the blog 😉


Now onto the hair tutorial –

  1. What You’ll need – A comb, Bobby pins, hair spray, hair bobble.
  2. Using the comb make a parting from the front of your hair to the back.
  3. Trying to make this as neat as possible.
  4. Once parted, tie one side of your hair out of the way.
  5. Start plaiting the loose side of your hair.
  6. Once at the end of the plait fasten it with a bobble or clip (so it doesn’t come undone while plaiting the other side of your hair).
  7. Now plait the loose side of your hair. You wont need a second bobble as you’ll use bobby pins to fasten this in place.
  8. Once at the end of the plait we will now turn it into the Heidi/Milkmaid style.


  1. Take the plait you have just finished and place up over the top of your head and in the position  you desire, as I have a fringe I have it sitting just behind but you could have it further forward.
  2. Start pinning plait in place, this doesn’t have to be too neat as your other plait will hide most of these pins.
  3. Wrap second plait up over your head so it meets the already pinned plait, try to hide the ends by tucking it under and start pinning in place.
  4. Use as many bobby pins as you need to keep both plaits in place.
  5. Finally hairspray everything in place and there you have it, Heidi braids!
  6. There you have it, a very easy step by step of how to create the iconic Heidi braids. For more hair style ideas check out these links for short or long hair.

ghd_step_3ghd_step_4ghd_038Photos – Shooting Dave
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13 thoughts on “Heidi Braid Tutorial

    1. If you have short hair you could recreate the half heidi braid, where you divide the top half of your hair and then braid each side and pin up, like your hair is half up half down. I can create a tutorial on this too if you like?


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