Golden Flowers…

vibrant_park_013vibrant_park_01Every now and then I feel we create something special, where everything falls perfectly into place. To me these photographs represent this. The outfit came together nicely and with minimal effort, the weather was on our side and we found a new spot in the common. Plus with it being golden hour the light was perfect and these photographs were born. Over the years of blogging I’ve realised I prefer to create qualtiy images instead of quick churned out images and posts. This has made me slightly fussy with what I post and makes me grateful for the time Dave puts into this blog, as after all he gives my photographs that dreamy yet technical edge and I’m very lucky to have him helping me! I guess there is just something I find magical about creating my own little editorial esque photographs.

vibrant_park_001vibrant_park030vibrant_park_02My outfit is built up of firm favorites, I love the bold blue bag against this dress. The delicate floral pattern and the floral hair band combined with the the tougher edges of the black jumper and Dr Marten shoes. I feel it all works well together and I’m really pleased with everything about this set of photographs! vibrant_park032vibrant_park027vibrant_park_What I’m wearing –

Jumper – Topshop

Dress – Vintage, Thrift

Bag c/o BHS 

Floral Crown c/o Mad Elizabeth Vintage 

Shoes – Dr Marten

Necklace – Freedom
vibrant_park031vibrant_park33vibrant_park_012Photos – Shooting Dave
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15 thoughts on “Golden Flowers…

  1. These pictures tell a story, and are so captivating and aesthetically pleasing rather than just being another “outfit post.” I understand what you mean about enjoying the posts you put more work into, rather than the photos you post just for the sake of an update. It’s something I’m working on too and I’ve noticed the reward of having a cohesive blog.

    Also, those shoes are glorious.



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