blossom_018blossom3Ta-da! Say hello to my new dress!

I’ve wanted this particular dress for quite some time but sadly it was far to pricey… Then while I was waiting to meet a friend, I popped into Urban to kill some time and to my amazement it was in the sale. With a good chunk knocked off the price too! Without further ado, I snapped it up and headed to the tills and I haven’t looked back since. To mix up my hat selection I opted for my printed fedora, just to change it up a little 😉blossom_024blossom2blossom_005What I’m wearing –

Dress, Hat & Necklace – Urban Outfitters

Jacket – Warehouse

Bag – Vintage

Shoes – Dr Martens

blossom_026blossom1blossom_021blossom_001blossom_002blossom_027blossom_030blossom_028Photos – Shooting Dave
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20 thoughts on “Folklore…

  1. Je viens de tomber par hasard sur ton blog et je suis facinée par l’embiance qui ressort de tes photos. Le design apporté à ton blog ainsi que ton nom correspondent parfaitement. Ca m’a étonné j’ai pratiquement la même boule de poils à la maison que sur une des photos !

    A bientôt avec plaisir
    Nini ( French )

    Traduc Google Sorry :
    I just stumble upon your blog and I am facinée by embiance that emerges from your photos. The design made ​​to your blog as well as your name fit perfectly. It surprised me I have almost the same hairball at home on one of the pictures!

    Soon with pleasure


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