Dark As The Night…


Ta-da!! Finally able to show off this kimono to the max… The weather has been good this week, which has enabled a lot of lunch time photo shoots. To mix it up a little from my last kimono wear, I donned a hat and my thick silver chain.
I picked up this hat from Urban with my Birthday money. I know its very similar to this one, but at the same time its totally different! I’m so a hat addict! This one is perfect for work or wearing with my large furry hooded parka, as the brim is less fedora like and more trilby like, and with the trimming being plain black it goes with everything. Either way I’m pleased to add it to my collection.kimono3 I really wanted to wear my DMs with this outfit but after my first wear they’d given me blisters and I didn’t need sore feet for my early start at work so stuck to my comfy Clarks shoes… Since these photos were taken I am happy to say after a couple more wears my DMs have stopped hurting me!
kimono5kimono1What I’m wearing –

Hat – Urban Outfitters

Kimono – New Look

Silver Chain Necklace c/o Zara

Dress – Topshop

Bag – Vintage

Shoes c/o Clarks
kimono4Photos –  Jermaine
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14 thoughts on “Dark As The Night…

  1. Love the high low dress. Hope you also call them the same in your country. They are so fashionable in my country at the moment. I recently saw a chic in town in a high low skirt and as she was crossing the road, the wind was blowing and in the process causing a wonderful effect to the skirt. she looked ethereal.


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