Stomping Around…

dms3dms8Stomp, Stomp, Stomping all day long…

I’m totally smitten with my Dr Martens, although the little blighters have given me nasty blisters but for the most part of their first outing they were comfy and even when they weren’t I still loved stomping around in them. This outfit ended up some what 90’s, which wasn’t my intention. Its the cropped jumper, DMs and porkpie hat that did it. dms7dms dms2dms6What I’m wearing –

Dress – Vintage

Jumper, Coat & Hat – Topshop

Shoes – Dr Martens

Bag – Carhartt c/o Zalando
dms1dms5dms4Photos –  Jermaine
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27 thoughts on “Stomping Around…

  1. Love this entire outfit! Great to know that Doc Martins can be cute and feminine! My roommate had a pair of fire engine red Doc Martins and they were these huge thick heeled boots that I pretty much hated. I figured all Doc Martins looked clunky and manly, proven wrong! Definitely would love to own a pair like yours 🙂


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