Byron Burger

byronbyron1What better way to make myself feel better than with yummy food? Byron Burger was my cure! I finally started to feel better on Saturday, just in time as my father came down to visit. We had spent the day local but on Sunday I felt well enough to head into central London. We headed to Park Cameras, as my dad is a huge camera geek. We then headed over the road to Byron for a spot of lunch. I’ve never been to a Byron before, it was the connivence, but most of all the cool look of the building and interior that caught my eye.
I opted for a traditional lemonade while Dave and my dad had beers. We had nachos to start, followed by three very yummy burgers!

byron2byron8After lunch we headed over east to Brick Lane and Spitafield’s market. My dad brought me a pair of Dr Martens as one of my Birthday presents. I’ve been longing for a pair for quite a while, so its nice to finally get my hands on some. I’ll be showing them off in an outfit post later in the week. 🙂
We wandered around the shops and streets, Dave street style snapping as we went. Then we came across the cutest little frenchie we’d seen. I snapped some pics of him on Dave’s camera and will also share them later in the week! We’d love to get a second dog to keep Coco company and think a frenchie would be perfect… better get saving!!

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