Getting to know me…

Today is my 27th Birthday, eek! In celebration I thought I’d share 27 facts… hopefully they will be interesting or at least you’ll enjoy getting to know me more!


1. I’m from Birmingham, not that anyone would guess as I don’t really have an accent… Which I have mixed feelings about, I have much pride for my home city but the accent is pretty strong.

2. Dave, the love of my life and I have been together for just over five years ♥ My longest relationship ever… he must be the one 🙂

3.  After school I didn’t do Alevels and did a BTEC in Fashion and Clothing, then went onto do a degree in Fashion Design, after a year of working full time I did a Masters in Fashion Styling.

4. I started this blog as a project for my Masters and kept it as away of keeping my creativity up.

5.  I’m a Visual Merchandiser on Oxford Street and start work at 6am… It’s painfully early I know!!

6.  I’m a creature of habit and love dinning in the same places, my current favorite is Japanese and a local place called Bentos.. I mean I take everyone here, the food is amazing and the cocktails are £3.50!!! It’s amazing! If you a SW Londoner head to Balham for your sushi fix.

7. My first ever piece of vintage I brought was a scarf and handbag, the scarf was tied around the bags handle and it was a cute 50’s vanity case. Soon after I brought my first vintage jacket and I had caught the bug!

8.  I don’t feel properly dressed without a hat or hair accessory on my head.

9.  I’m obsessed with masculine shoes and my particular favorite style is Brogues. As I can’t walk in heels and when I attempt it, I’m like Bambi!


10.  I’m half Irish, this is where I get my pale skin and green eyes.

11.  I’m also addicted to soft furnishings or any type of home decor actually and over the years of having my own flat, then sharing one with Dave means I’ve accumulated a lot of things. Mostly picture frames, in our hallway we have a large collection and I’m always looking to add to it.

12.  I can’t drive, despite taking lessons and giving up after three and now I live in London I doubt I”ll ever learn.

13.  All time favorite movie is The Royal Tenembarms. I first saw this film playing on channel 4 at about 1 am, I was up late working on the finishing touches to a project for the next’s day deadline at Uni. I thought I was hallucinating from lack of sleep and it took me well over 6 months to work out what the film was and I’ve loved it and Wes Anderson films ever since… but in my opinion you also can’t beat a good action film!

14. I’m a sucker for crime and period drama’s and love a good CSI episode.

15. My favorite ever meal would  have to be a roast dinner and doesn’t have to be a Sunday, could be any day!

16.  I’m terrified of birds.

17.  It’s safe to say I’m a candle addict, I love buying new ones and always have them lit in the evenings. Makes the place so relaxing and peaceful.


18.  I’m dyslexic, which explains the occasional spelling booboo.

19. My music taste is also of the past, with my love of T.Rex, Blondie and Bowie. More up to date bands I like are Arctic Monkeys and Kings Of Leon.

20. I met the Kings Of Leon lads at a gig and had a cheeky whiskey back stage with them!

21. Whiskey is my favorite drink, love a wee bit of Jack Daniel’s and coke!

22. I have a collection of film camera’s including, Diana Mini, Fiji Film (Polaroid), Fish eye, couple of Brownies and a Canon 1000F. I love the anticipation when getting the role developed and seeing how you captured that moment!

23. I don’t have any tattoo’s…. as of yet!

24. Up until the age of 16 I had hair so long I could sit on it, that’s right all the way down to my bottom! Needless to say I hated it – far to heavy and bulky!

25. I’m a premature baby, originally due in April but came early.

26. I met one of my best friends through twitter.

27. My lucky colour is green, any board games we play I HAVE to be the green one.. In clothing my favorite colour is burgundy.amy_studio_019

Photos – Shooting Dave

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23 thoughts on “Getting to know me…

  1. Happy Birthday Amy!

    Loved reading your 27 personal facts! Hope you’re having a great day! Simon should be giving you a birthday card and pressie from me and I’ve also sent you another card from Thailand. Hope it arrives OK. I’m now traveling through Laos.

    Lots and lots of love birthday girl!

    Judy xoxoxo


  2. Happy Birthday!! This is so interesting. I don’t drive yet and I’m 21. I need to at least try though. You are such a classy lady. I adore your sense of fashion. Dave sounds like a sweetie. Enjoy your day in England!!!


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