Benefit Goodies…

IMG_4665makeupYou may not know but I don’t wear foundation, not because I don’t like it just I haven’t found one that suits my skin tone or that hides my blemishes. So I’ve always  thought what’s the point?! While my search for foundation continued, I’d been using a little tester of Pore professional that my friend Christina had kindly given me, I’ve become addicted to this little pore cover up and felt it gives me more of a flawless look, so I headed off to buy a full sized version with some of my Christmas money. I ended up getting much more than I went in for… The Pore Professional came in this little gift pack with “That Gal” which gives you a radiant glow and who doesn’t want that aye?! Then the eye cream, I’ve used before and loved it, so very happy to have it again.


I ended up buying a concealer too, which I hadn’t intended on but after the girl tested it on me I was shocked at how good a cover up it was. I also got a couple of foundation samples to try out and see which is the best colour match to my skin tone. I’ve used this foundation before and was good but now with the concealer to match I’m hoping it’ll be perfect. Foundation usually clogs on my skin so it’ll be interesting to see if I’ve finally found the perfect primer, cover up and foundation to give me the flawless skin I’ve been dreaming of! Will keep you posted!
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17 thoughts on “Benefit Goodies…

  1. I would love to send you some samples of the Mary Kay foundations. There are 60 shades in each color category. plus, MK has several types of formulas, all of them are non comedogenic so u will not clog ur pores.


    1. If you go online to Benefit’s website it will have all stock lists. I brought this from a local Boots store. It depends what you call pricey, for this set is think it was ok at £24. For what this does I think it’s worth it but other expensive products I’ve brought in the past weren’t worth the price tag.


  2. now I have to try the pore professional… my primer is almost finished though. Two faced which is super good so see if this one is better. *Sigh… always in the search we are, aren’t we? 🙂


  3. I’ve only ever used Benefit once. After this post I think I will take a look at it again! Thanks and you have a new sub 🙂

    I am a brand new blogger so please if you have time take a look at my blog – any feedback would be much appreciated!


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