Getting Sporty!

NikeTrainer1NikeTrainers2This is something a little different for me but I wanted to share this with you as it’s elements of an outfit I wear regularly and it’s something thats totally out of my comfort zone. Recently I’ve been inspired to get healthy and exercise, on the most part I eat pretty healthy but lack on the working out. I would occasionally try sit ups in my lounge while watching television  but it never really amounted to much. Dave and I had a talk about it and we came up (well mainly Dave came up) with a work out routine we can do, we’ve been doing it a couple of times a week.

I’m fairly happy with my body, I mean I’d be lying if I didn’t wish I had less lumps and bumps but on the whole I’m ok with my size but I do long for more energy and to be toned so I thought I’d do something about those lumpy bits. This is what I wanted to share with you, mainly because if I say it on here, I have to keep it up (those are the rules!). I think it’ll be my best motivation, plus it’ll be fun to see the results over a six month period.  A couple of  fashion bloggers have also helped my get fit mentality and they are Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky and Maria from Frills ‘n’ Spills. Seeing these ladies work out routines and what they are doing to change their lifestyle has helped kick start mine.


Exercise Routine 

  • Start with a gentle stretch, we opt for some Yoga positions.
  • 15 Squats x3 sets
  • 10 Lunges (each leg)
  • 15 Kneeling push-ups x3 sets
  • 30 Second planks x3 sets  (I can only manage 15 seconds currently, but I aim for 30 seconds!)
  • 15 Crunches x3 sets
  • 15 Leg raises x3 sets
  • 15 Jumping jacks x3 sets

We do 3 sets of each exercise, each taking it in turn to rest while the other does their 15.


Let’s talk work out style –

I’ve found it really hard to find fashionable clothing for working out in, or rather fashionable and affordable.  I didn’t want to wear anything clingy or fitted. As I’m yet to buy what I’d consider cool looking gym gear. I shall not share my outfit with you. A baggy striped tee and old running shorts from my school days aren’t the most desirable outfit.. Come to think of it this retro style Adidas bag was my school bag in year 11, the only stylish pieces of my gym kit are my new Nike trainers and old school bag. Shameful!  I’m on the look out and maybe once I’ve found something suitable I shall share it with you. I’m thinking over sized tee and leggings, I hate leggings but for exercise purpose I think there the best way to go.

These snazzy Nike trainers were gifted to me by Sports Shoes, they’ve made so much difference to my work out. I’m no longer restricted to the living room for our work out sessions, we now head to the common on Saturday mornings and work out there. Which at first I was a little self conscious about but it’s great being in the fresh air while feeling the burn of 45 squats!

NineTrainersTrainers c/o Sports Shoes

Inspired? Want to see more from Delightfully Tacky’s work out routine? Click here & here! These really helped me and wowee she is looking might fine & toned! Her blog is a gem to read and covers all things from fashion, one hell of a cute puppy to exercise.

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