Fashion Flash Back!

To Five years Ago!

I was asked to take part in the Five Year Fashion Flash back Challenge, where I look back at my fashion from five years ago. I started looking through old photographs and realised I didn’t have many. Thankfully Facebook was able to help me out. I’ve had many a different hair style, with short straight bobs, to long flowing locks, blonde and ginger hair and my natural dark hair too. My hair style’s have evolved more than my fashion sense. I went through a more rock-a-billy look where I had my fringe to the side and would do victory rolls and my clothing was very girly and 50’s inspired but I rarely brought vintage clothing but would use lots of vintage accessories but most of my clothes were high street and mainly Topshop (as I worked their).  In terms of fashion sense, I’ve always mixed high street with vintage and second hand clothing, my favorite shops were Topshop, H&M and Urban Outfitters.


This dress above was and still is one of my favorite items I’ve ever brought! It’s from Topshop and is inspired by 1940’s tea dresses and I loved everything about it, from the colours to the fit. Sadly the fit isn’t great on me any more but I’ve kept hold of it for the ever hope of loosing weight and it fitting once again! My usual shopping budget back then and now are still roughly the same, I’ve always been frugal and try to keep hold of my money. I would roughly spend around £50-60 on new clothes but had more to spend while living at home but for the last six years or so I’ve had to curve my spending to pay my bills! I think thats why I like second hand clothing as you can buy more for your money and if you get bored least you only spent a couple of quid on it, rather than £40-50 on one dress from say Topshop! Flashback1

When I first met Dave, I was in my 50’s pin up phase, this was the first time in years I’d grown my hair out and worn it natural and not straightened it. I liked (and still do) tea dresses and nipped in waists with flowing hems. After a while I cut my fringe back in – it feels weird not having a full fringe – and grew my hair even longer. I had also started buy more vintage instead of high street clothing. The two pictures above on right had side were both vintage items, the left was my 21st birthday wearing a Topshop dress & belt.

 Below is my short short hair phase, I had long hair while growning up and wasn’t really allowed to cut it, when I turned 18 I got crazy and crazier with my hair. I even had blonde hair for a while, my short bob was around for a long time. From the age of 18, I grew it to just above my shoulder when I was about 20 but kept it straight then one day left it curly and became lazy with my hair. My style reflected my short hair, I was in to bold colours and often kept to red, black and white, wasn’t afraid of trying new things out and was always refried to as funky. Ha ha! Funky such a funny term..5Yearflashback1flashbackI have since become very lazy with my hair, I did go through a period of having ginger hair but the bleaching then dying my hair became to much up keep. I much perfer the wash and go look I have now and by keeping my natural colour and wave to my hair. I think my style also has an element of this I wear lots of dresses as they are easy and I like classic items. I think as my hair has become more normal and not exciting my clothing has become a little bolder and colorful!? I guess to make up for the fact my hair is so average? Like back then my favorite shops are still Topshop, Urban Outfitters and Vintage or thrift shops. I like to be a little different and the high street can’t always offer that.

How does your style differ now to five years ago?? I’d love to know! Tweet about you’re Fashion Flash Back #vcfashionflashback

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12 thoughts on “Fashion Flash Back!

  1. this is such a lovely post:-) i’d probably find some slightly embarrassing outfits from 5 years ago, yours seem to be very much stylish. and you look adorable with short hair! x


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