Pretty Photographs


It’s been a hectic couple of weeks, were house hunting for a new pad. Which is taking up all our evenings and weekends, my poor blog has been a little neglected but I am rectifying that! For now I thought I’d share a selection of pretty photographs that didn’t make it into posts but I felt there was something special about them and didn’t want to waist them. Some I just forgot to include them into posts until it was to late to add them, others didn’t quite fit into a post and some are just from everyday life. Theres lots of different reasons why I like them and I hope you do too!

Red13Coco_RedFrance1PubAndFriends2FloralCrown5Brogues5FrancePhotos – Shooting Dave & myself.

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16 thoughts on “Pretty Photographs

  1. Your photography is beautiful, really stunning blog 🙂 I would love to hear any feedback you may have about my blog as I am new to wordpress and want to eventually make it like yours! I do a bit of styling, modelling, writing and photography. Keep up the great posts! Livvy x


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