My day in pictures…

FloralFloral1Here’s a mixture of photographs from Saturday, we were down in Kent visiting Dave’s family. We went to family friends where Dave was able to do some rolling car shots with very fancy cars (which made him a very happy boy) this pretty country lane was by their house and we took the opportunity to take a couple of photographs. Also I had my hair cut for the first time in oh so long, that I can’t even remember when! I really enjoyed getting pampered and pleased with the cut. FlowerDog1 DogsIn the evening we went to more family friends, who had this lovely fluffy dog Millie. Coco was thrilled to have a friend to play with. They also have a cat called Waffles, who wasn’t to sure about having two dogs but was very friendly and brave.CatWe ended the day with great food! All in all a great Saturday, We also got a little sunbathing in, which is not something I usually do but it was nice to have a little nap in the sunshine. I made sure I had plenty of sunblock on and kept my head in the shade. I’m not one for to much sun! FoodFood1Food2Photos – By myself &  Shooting Dave

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15 thoughts on “My day in pictures…

  1. Your puppy is absolutely adorable! And I love your outfit and your pictures. The lighting is soft and the frame of the picture gives the outfit its space (Did that make sense?). Lovely!


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