A Stroll In The Woods…

Topshop5Topshop2Got Me A New Dress!

I got me a new dress, with a voucher I had for my Birthday and it was burning a whole in my pocket for ages but there wasn’t anything I wanted. Then after a long day at work (finishing two hours after I was supposed to!), I popped to Topshop with my friend and came across this little number. I loved the lace detail and small floral print, it also has a cool dip hem with gives it a little quirk. It was very cold and windy day,  I don’t understand the weather here in England. A s this time last year it was lovely and warm!? I really hope spring and summer hurries up and gets here!

Topshop9Topshop1TopshopWhat I’m wearing –

Jacket, Shoes & Scarf – Vintage, Thrift

Hat & Dress – Topshop

Satchel & Belt – Urban OutfittersTopshop7Topshop6Topshop4Topshop3Topshop8

Photos – Shooting Dave

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10 thoughts on “A Stroll In The Woods…

  1. Impeccable style, I brought this dress the other day and you have just inspired me so much on how to style it! xo


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