A Lavish Tea Room

 Lavish4lavish11Lavish9The other day Dave and I spotted at Lavish Habit for a snack and a cuppa, I had earl grey and a chocolate brownie. Dave opted for a flat white coffee and a lemon and blueberry slice of cake. I love this place, its so pretty and such a great vibe. If you’re ever around South West London pop along to Balham and check this place out. There are also some other great places in this area that I’m yet to share with you.LavishLavish8Lavish6Lavish1Lavish2As well as a coffee shop they also sell cool trinkets, clothing, home-wares and upcycled retro furniture. Wish I had more money and a bigger flat as I’d lobe to buy everything in here!


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15 thoughts on “A Lavish Tea Room

  1. I love when people create such heart-warming places, where you want to return over and over again. Personally I can’t resist of visiting such warm, cozy and stylish places once in a while to take a break, plan my day/week/month, read a magazine, think about nothing/everything or just look at people passing by or sitting nearby (weird habit, but one of my very favourites). I’ve never been to London, but I’m planning to go there this Midsummer’s, so thank you for the tip – will try to make it to check this place out!



  2. I loved the pictures! I am an avid tea drinker. I went to a tea room in Nashville TN, it was so long ago, I don’t remember what it was called. They even had an assortment of hats to try on while drinking tea. Also, during my only visit to England, my group went to the Jane Austin Center, and we had tea there too. (It was a very tourist-y thing to do)


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